Young Scientist Award

The 2017 Young Scientist Prize has been awarded to Glen Brian Evenbly from the University of Sherbrooke (

Past Winners:

2007: Professor Stefano Sanvito (School of Physics, Trinity College in Dublin)

2008: Doctor Naoki Yoshida (Department of Physics, Nagoya University)

2009: Doctor Amanda S. Barnard (CSIRO Materials Science & Engineering, Australia)

2010: Prof. Dr. Philipp Werner (Institute for Theoretical Physics, ETH Zurich) for the development and implementation of quantum Monte Carlo methods which have transformed the study of interacting electrons in solids.

2011: Prof. Stefano Curtarolo (Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and Department of Physics, Duke University) for pioneering high-throughput combinatorial computational materials science, for the creation of on-line materials development techniques, and for the development of thermodynamic models for nano-catalysts.

2012: Prof. Roger Melko (Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Waterloo, Canada) for his innovative and deep achievements in developing quantum Monte Carlo methods for quantum information theory and condensed matter physics.

No award in 2013

2014: Professor Mathieu Salanne (Université Pierre et Marie Cure, Paris) for the development of appropriate methods to allow realistic atomistic simulation of molten salts and ionic liquids in situations of relevance to electrochemistry.

2015: Dr. Wei-Min Wang (Laser-plasma physics of the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China) for his significant achievements in computational plasma physics with applications to advanced schemes of inertial confined fusion and novel laser-plasma based particle accelerators and radiation sources.

2016: Dr. Jianwei Sun (Temple University, USA).


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